Jig Fishing

by Casey Ashley

The jig has been a big part of my success.  I’m often asked “how do you fish a jig”.  There is no secret to it.  There is no write or wrong way to fish it.  The main thing is confidence in what you are doing.  Now there are probably thousands of different colors, shapes, and sizes. You have silicone, rubber,hair, and a mixtureof two if not all three in a jig skirt. Where do you start.  It all falls back on what you have confidence in.

I’m a firm believer in less is more.  I don’t get caught up in wild colors or fancy head designs.  You can read all kinds of different articles about fishing a jig.  One thing you will always see are the colors black and blue, green pumpkin, brown, brown and orange, and a new craze in the last few years PB&J.  Use these colors they  work around the country.   You will just confuse your self if you go and buy a bunch of colors.

There are really only two sizes of jigs you need to get started. 3/8 and ½ oz. Head shape is really not important . I like a jig with a sparkie head. When I’m dragging deeper rock (10ft or more) I like a ball head Jewel Eakins Jig is what I use.

There are jigs that are specificly made for certain things. They work but again you don’t need them to build your confidence.  I use the same jig to pitch shallow cover, cast on points, fish deep brush, and swim.  I think with that I pretty much covered where to fish it as well. EVERYWHERE!!

So when I’m blasting up and down the lake in my Triton Boat in practice or in a tournament situation.  You better believe I have a jig tied on, and most times more than one. I suggest you do the same.

The biggest tip I can give you is to commit one whole day on the water and use nothing but a jig.  Know also you are not fishing for 20 bites a day. You may only get 4 or 5 bites but they will be good bites.  Remember to keep it simple. 

Good Luck!

Casey Ashley

Photos Courtesy of BASS Communications

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