Hot Shot

by Terry Scroggins

Last year I got turned on to a technique called the Hot Shot (braid to fluorocarbon) from fellow Triton Pro Gerald Swindle. Over the years I have used braid quite a bit flipping heavy grass, throwing lipless crank baits and topwater, but I soon learned this combination was the best thing since sliced bread for spinning tackle and there are a number of reasons why.

1. With braid you can make longer casts knowing you have the hook setting power you need, especially when fishing deep water or current situations.

2. You have much better feel detecting suttle bite from structure.

3. With braid you dont get line twist so you never get those unwanted birdsnest that you see with fluorocarbon.

4. Braid last much longer than flurobocarbon, you only have to spood up about every 6 months, this will save time and money.

The set up for the Hot Shot is simple, I prefer a 6'8" medium action rod for all applications. All I do is change the leader
size for different baits. Drop Shot 8 pound test, Shakyhead
8 pound test, Jerkbait 10 pound test, Splitshot 10 pound test.
There are a number of knots you can tie to join the baid to
fluorocarbon but I think the simplest is the uni to uni wrapping
your braid 9 times and your fluorocarbon 5 times with a 10
to 15 ft. leader. Try this technique and you will soon learn the
benefits of hooking and landing more fish.

Good Luck,

Terry Scroggins

Photos Courtesy BASS Communications


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