Bring Along Some Extras

by Stephen Browning

Nothing can ruin a fishing trip any worse than not having
backup equipment in the case of a mishap. I always carry a spare outboard prop, trolling motor prop, rain suit and change of clothes including shoes when I'm loading my Triton 21 XS.

I don't want a mishap on my behalf to ruin my day on the water. Many time underwater objects go unnoticed. A bent outboard prop can do major damage to the lower unit. If something happens and you damage your outboard prop, have a back up along with the right tools to change props. Extra props are expensive, but I bet you can find a used one on line or looking around pawn shops.

Remember its a quick fix so it just needs to get you by until you get yours fixed. Trolling motor props have been known to break. Always carry a back up. You never know
if the local trolling motor shop has the right one for you,
so two is always better than one.

Rain suits and clothes come in handy for you as well as someone that might need them in case of an emergency. I never want this to be the case, but accidents happen and being prepared will keep you or someone else out of harms way. 

Photos Courtesy of BASS Communications.

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