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Triton Dominates Clear Lake

Posted: 3/22/2010

Byron Velvick won his first Elite Tournament Sunday with 98-6, Byron proved his expertise with the swimbait as he led the tournament wire to wire to win by nearly 6 pounds. He jumped into the lead at the opening Thursday with a 29-00 Pound bag and a 10-11 monster to anchor his opening stringer and never looked back. Congratulations to Byron.
70 year old Guy Eaker finished 3rd and was the model for consistency with a 22 to 24 bag everyday to take 3rd place.
Randy Howell finished 4th with 86-2.
Rookie Elite angler Bradley Roy a 19 year old from Kentucky finished 8th with 79-11.
Boyd Duckett ended in 9th place with 79-8.
A great showing for our Triton guys. Congratulations to all of them for their great week.