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Kromm wins $100,000 and new Triton 20X3

Posted: 9/30/2008

In a typical largemouth tournament during summer and early fall, winners often start shallow to pick off an active early kicker, then move deep to fill their limit.

Not so in smallmouth tournaments – especially river smallmouth tournaments. Deep typically dominates those events. But David Kromm of Kennewick, Wash. started shallow each day of the recent Columbia River Western FLW Series. He caught key skinny fish every day, which then gave him the freedom to work an upgrade program out deep.
He won the event by a major 4-02 margin and not only pocketed $100,000 for the win, but because he's a Triton owner, he also received a new 20X3 from Triton under its Western Series contingency program.

Kromm, a Tri-Cities resident, calls the Columbia River his home water. He's got literally hundreds of deep spots strewn along the Boardman and Tri-Cities pools, but left them alone during pre-practice. Instead, he searched out shallow areas that could produce a fish or two each morning.