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Triton team bests SKA Kajun Classic Field!

Posted: 10/23/2007

It's the last tournament of the season. You’re sitting in 18th place in the Open Class with a 27-pound drop fish. There are a couple of teams behind you with just two fish and some with much smaller drop fish. What do you do? David Myer, Brent Moss, Nick Pratt, Brandon Myer, and Jack Garner, entered the Kajun Classic, the final event of Division 7, with that scenario facing them head on. Did they give up? Absolutely not! They pulled out all the stops, pushed their Honda powered Triton, aptly named Get Er’Dun, through two to five-foot seas, and didn’t come to the scales light.
There were four tournaments scheduled this year for the upper Gulf’s Division Seven. One of those, the Pensacola tournament, was cancelled over a prize dispute, leaving three. That was OK, because three events constitute a Division’s season. But there were a lot of teams who were counting on the fourth event to make it to the Nationals. Anthony Toups came forward and said he would make his facility available in Fourchon, so it was set. Then the weekend of the event, Mother Nature pulled a fast one that sent the hurricane forecasters onto the airwaves. The low that sat over Florida for a week was coming west and would develop into a tropical storm. The event was postponed till the following weekend. A weekend later, teams arrived in Fourchon to find east winds that pushed the seas to two to five feet, but it was fishable.
“The seas made things uncomfortable but our Triton had no trouble with them,” said David Myer, team Captain of the Get Er’Dun. “We were on the bubble and knew we needed a good king to ensure our Nationals participation.” The team came to dock well before the “fish till the last minute” gang pointed their boats north. “It’s not bad,” said Myer, but by upper Gulf standards a 42.84 would not win a tournament and the team knew it. However as the afternoon wound down to the 6 PM deadline, not one team produced a bigger king. This was their weekend, picking up $10,000 in cash and a gift certificate from Air Tran Airways, the official airways of the SKA, for $1,000; good for two anywhere they fly. The 43 pounder moved the team to 14th for the season.