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Make Cypress Cay your next vacation destination.

Posted: 9/17/2007

Why wait until you can travel hundreds of miles and spend a whole week to go on vacation? Why not just sneak away to Cypress Cay instead?

Triton’s new Cypress Cay is a superbly innovative line of pontoons designed to be a one-stop refuge from the hassles of everyday life. It’s as much a destination as a pontoon boat. Whether you have a half day or a week, you’ll find all the relaxation you, your family and friends could ask for in this comfortable, user-friendly and trouble-free getaway.

In July, the new Cypress Cay line already better than tripled Triton’s previous year’s dealer meeting pontoon sales! Dealers were won over by Cypress Cay’s innovative interiors, user-friendly features, luxurious amenities, exhilarating performance and rock-solid construction and you will be too.

Cypress Cay pontoons by Triton Boats feature a solid fiberglass helm station with built-in cooler, acid-washed pontoons, starboard gates that don’t sacrifice seating room, extra-wide four-step boarding ladders, extra-large convertible tops, changing rooms and porta-potties on most models. Most of the lounge seating and all of the mooring covers used in Cypress Cay pontoons are made in our plant, not out-sourced, for superior fit and finish. Cypress Cay pontoons are built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. This plant has been producing premium-quality pontoon boats for 50 years, and is staffed by the finest designers, engineers and craftsmen in the pontoon industry.

Find out today why we call Cypress Cay ‘A place to remember’. And be sure to send us a postcard. Visit or visit your local Cypress Cay dealer for more information.