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Triton anglers Deborah and Greg Fuller from Alexander City, Alabama win ABA's inaugural DeBug Global American Couples Series

Posted: 8/29/2007

This years’ inaugural DeBug Global American Couples Series National Championship was held on Old Hickory Lake in Gallatin / Hendersonville, Tennessee. These couples came from all across the Southeast to participate in the ground breaking event and compete for a trip to Hawaii and $5,000 in cash!

The couple headed to Hawaii this year is Deborah and Greg Fuller from Alexander City, Alabama! They weighed in at 18.43 pounds to win the tournament. On the first day Greg caught all the fish and almost had the limit with three fish. On the second day the tables turned and Deborah caught all the fish and came in with a full limit! Greg is a Triton Gold member and with the win, earned the team an extra $2,000 in contingency money and qualifies him for the Triton Gold Elite 2008 tournament.

They came to Old Hickory Lake early enough to practice fishing a couple days in advance and also came earlier in the year to get their feel of the lake. They found that they did their best on a stretch of water the locals call the “miracle mile”, which is near the 109 bridge and has fifteen to twenty foot river ledges. Deborah and Greg used crankbaits, spinnerbaits and a Carolina rig to reel in their big winnings!

They have been married for thirty-four years and have been fishing partners for thirty-eight years, their first dates were fishing trips! Deborah had never fished before she met Greg and knew that if she wanted to spend time with him she had better learn to fish!

Deborah and Greg have two children, Joey and Heather, and four grandchildren, Madison, Conner, Toby and Carley.

They fished another couples trail before joining the American Couples Series and recently, Greg also joined America Bass Anglers’ American Fishing Tour.