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2005 AOY Martens Joins Triton

Posted: 10/11/2005

Aaron Martens, 2005 BASS Angler of the Year and one of professional bass fishing’s leading competitors, has joined the Triton pro staff.

Martens won the coveted Angler of the year honors by finishing in first place in the BASS circuit’s 2005 points standing. He went on to place second at the 2005 Bassmaster Classic in Pittsburgh – his third second-place Classic finish in five years.

Martens hails from Castaic, California, where he established himself at an early age as a nearly unbeatable force on the Western bass tournament scene. “I began fishing competitively at age 15 with my mother, Carol.” he said. “As a team, we won 11 Angler of the Year titles on various Western tournament circuits. She taught me a great deal about bass fishing and how to fish competitively. She has fished professionally for years and will compete on the new BASS women’s tour next year.”

Inspired by his success in team events, Martens began fishing the major Western tournament circuits professionally in 1994, winning six tournaments and four Angler of the Year titles in the next five years. In 1999, he competed for the first time on the BASS Top 150 circuit, and earned a berth in the prestigious Bassmaster Classic that same year.

Martens’ track record in high-level bass competition has been remarkable ever since. Although only 33 years old, he estimates his total career tournament winnings at close to $2 million “I’ve finished second place in three Bassmaster Classics – 2002, 2004 and 2005 -- and I won $200,000 in a single event, the 2003 FLW Wheeler Lake tournament,” he said. “Still, I have a lot to learn.” Martens was the pro angler who brought the popular (and deadly) drop-shot technique to national prominence, but he used the light-line tactic only once on the 2005 tour. “To succeed in today’s highly competitive tournament environment, you can’t afford to get locked into a single lure or presentation,” he explained. “In West Coast tournaments, I became good at figuring out deep structure patterns, but since I’ve been fishing more events on Eastern waters, I’ve had to rethink my presentations. Eastern lakes tend to be murkier, and their bass shallower and tighter to cover. I’ve learned a lot about this kind of fishing, but I need to know more.” To help speed up this learning process, the young pro recently moved from California to Alabama. His wife, Lesley, and their 2-year-old daughter, Jordan, accompany him on the tournament trail.

Martens fished from a Ranger boats for 18 years, but found many compelling reasons to join the Triton team. “I was really impressed with Triton’s X Series boats when I fished from them in several BASS events,” he indicated. “I found their riding comfort and speed to be amazing, but what really sold me was the way the boat slips over and through cover. It’s real low-slung, so it glides beneath overhanging tree limbs, and the bottom design sheds submerged cover instead of getting hung up in it like with other boats. This means I don’t have to power through the cover with my trolling motor and risk spooking the fish – the Triton eases through the thick stuff with very little help from the trolling motor for a more stealthy approach.”

Martens has just ordered a new Tr21X with a Mercury OptiMax 250 XS outboard for the 2006 BASS tour. “I’m really excited about joining Earl Bentz and the Triton team,” he said. “Their innovative products, their strong affiliation with BASS and their commitment to the future of our sport all reinforce my feeling that I made the right decision.”

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