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Triton has joined the Brunswick Boat Group family

Posted: 5/31/2005

May 31, 2005

Dear Friends:

It is with great pride and excitement that we are announcing today that Triton has joined the Brunswick Boat Group family. I have signed a long-term management contract to continue to guide Triton and to work more closely with our dealers and the fishing community. All the management at Triton is excited and have all agreed to stay on with me.

After a long contemplation of what would be best for Triton, it became clear that joining Brunswick is the right move and will benefit our retail customers, employees and dealers. Triton’s future is enormous, not only because of our wonderful products, employees, customers and dealers, but now because we will have all the necessary financial and technical resources to take us to the next level and beyond. These resources will allow us to grow faster and with better product in all segments – bass, saltwater, and aluminum.

Brunswick has been an outstanding supplier and partner for the past nine years and this sale cements that partnership. Finally, this new partnership allows Triton to be part of the Brunswick marine strategy, which will continue to lead the boating industry where I believe it needs to move. Triton will be a big part of that plan.

It is our plan to continue to provide you all brands of outboards that we have offered in the past. If history provides any guides, we may encounter some resistance from engine manufacturers. As long as these engine companies continue to sell to Triton, we will offer them to you, either through packages or pre-rigs.

What a wonderful nine years it has been. As a friend of Triton, you have played a vital role in our success. Together, we took an idea and built a nationally recognized leader in product and in customer satisfaction. We are grateful for your belief in us, and look forward to our next chapter together.


Earl Bentz