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Owner's Tournament Boat number and fishing day assignments!

Posted: 6/11/2004

NOTE!: List is in alphabetical order by last name of boat owner:

Robert Adams from Ft Wayne, IN and Steve Mossberg on Friday # 39
Gilmer Addington from Indianapolis, IN and John Sandlin on Friday # 220
Wayne Alker from Warminster, PA and Anthony Hartlaub on Thursday # 105
Barney Allen from Gallatin, TN and Brian Hickey on Thursday # 38
Timothy Ames from Goose Creek, SC and Micah Provoe on Thursday # 24
Bruce Anderson from Sherman, TX and John Anderson on Thursday # 121
Terry Anderson from Russellville, KY and Ronnie Lee on Friday # 70
Joseph Angelone from Albion, NY and Marlene Angelone on Thursday # 190
Pete Applegarth from New Philadelphia, OH and Dale Jackson on Thursday # 116
Dave Armstead from Louisville, KY and Greg Questelle on Thursday # 56
Ken Arp from Midland, TX and Bob Babcock on Friday # 5
Andy Atkins from Eaton, IN and Jeremy Pope on Thursday # 114
Adrian Augustus from Adolphus, KY and Bryan Russell on Friday # 151
Scott Bachowski from Whiteman AFB, MO and Cory Nicolson on Friday # 31
Brad Backus from MtNebo, WV and Bart Backus on Friday # 124
Jimmy Bahakel from Birmingham, AL and Michael Phillips on Friday # 171
Charles Baker from Bowling Green, KY and Charles Baker, Jr. on Friday # 177
Dennis Bald from Rockledge, FL and Linda Bald on Thursday # 176
Clarence Baldwin from Friendsville, TN and Stanley McLemore on Friday # 121
Bobby Baxter from Bowling Green, KY and Larry Baxter on Friday # 208
Jim Bayes from Cadiz, KY and Fred Montgomery on Thursday # 215
David Bazile from Appleton, WI and Deb Bazile on Friday # 200
Jim Beaty from Jacksonville, NC and Zane Ayo on Thursday # 93
Fred Becknell from Lexington, KY and Ralph Keene on Thursday # 51
Albert Bell Jr from Baltimore, MD and Michael Rhodes on Thursday # 200
Billie Berger Sr from Arnold, MO and Billie Berger, Jr on Friday # 56
John Bingham from Pensacola, FL and Brown Leaton on Thursday # 202
Harvey Bishop from Goodells, MI and Joe Gregg on Thursday # 17
Robert Blake from Bessemer, AL on Friday # 73
Dewane Blanton from Caseyville, IL and Ronny Johnson on Thursday # 66
David Blevins from Tuscaloosa, AL and Gary Wilson on Thursday # 165
Danny Bloodworth from Ardmore, OK and Andy Bloodworth on Thursday # 206
Larry Bloomfield from Polk City, FL and Larry Craven on Thursday # 126
Wallace Blume from Wayland, MI and Larry Thomas on Thursday # 188
Tim Blythe from Louisville, KY and Wheeler Blythe on Friday # 149
John Bollinger from Sikeston, MO and Leven Cox on Thursday # 22
Tim Bolt from Pembroke, KY and James Naylor on Friday # 82
Bill Boren from Hopkinsville, KY and Gene Grace on Thursday # 44
Tommy Bostic from Bluff Park, AL and Rich Byars on Friday # 13
Billy Bowen from Rocky Mount, NC and Paul Chappell on Thursday # 46
Mike Bradford from West Paducah, KY and Gerald Bradford on Thursday # 155
Stanley Bragg from Horse Cave, KY and Kevin Bragg on Thursday # 34
Tom Branham from Indianapolis, IN and Gregory Karr on Thursday # 158
Lonnie Bray from Franklin, OH and Nathan Carpenter on Friday # 98
Rodney Breland from Mobile, AL and Robert Robinson on Friday # 138
Nicky Bridges from Henderson, TN on Thursday # 224
Nicky Bridges from Henderson, TN and Nick Bridges on Friday # 179
Claude Brown from Grove City, OH and William Beasley on Friday # 24
Stephen Brown from Greenville, PA and John Kavecki on Thursday # 201
Roger Bryan from Elkville, IL and Lewis Schweizer on Friday # 91
Robert Bryant from Madisonville, KY and Bobby Bryant on Friday # 96
Larry Buckingham from Mayfield, KY and Kenneth Harbin on Friday # 35
Edward Buff from Alvaton, FL and Richard Groetchen on Friday # 145
Steve Bunde from Petersburg, MI and Eugene Smith on Thursday # 205
Gary Burton from Amarillo, TX and Larry Burton on Thursday # 85
Chase Butler from St. Louis, MO and Greg Cook on Thursday # 122
Ernest Butler from Appleton, WI and Virgil Hale on Thursday # 198
James Butler from Clarksville, TN and Charlie Hill on Thursday # 28
Scott Campbell from Dowelltown, TN and James Leftwich on Friday # 41
Larry Carlisle from Tyler, TX and Susan Carlisle on Thursday # 185
Rusty Carpenter from Stockbridge, MI and Kyle Bussing on Friday # 23
Stefen Carpenter from Kings Mountain, NC and Mark Shytles on Thursday # 161
Stephen Carpenter from Kings Mountain, NC and Brent Shytles on Thursday # 195
David Carter from Chesterfield, MI and Thomas Holly, Jr on Friday # 19
Mike Carter from Nicholasville, KY and Mo Bidarian on Friday # 28
Raymond Carter from Hermitage, TN and Theodore Gentry on Friday # 115
Brian Casey from Cambridge, OH and Bill Casey on Friday # 44
Jeff Cates from Clarksville, TN and Terry King on Thursday # 223
Robert Chacon from Colorado Springs, CO and Rick Hart on Thursday # 150
Alex Cheney from Savahal, NY and Heidi Cheney on Friday # 198
Brian Choate from Burns, TN and Donnie Choate on Thursday # 113
David Clark from Edwardsburg, MI and David Steed on Friday # 205
Willie Coats from Greensbury, KY and Mike Childress on Friday # 40
Breh Russell Coffey from Scottsville, KY and Gary Stinson on Friday # 183
Donnie Coffey from Russell Springs, KY and Tylar Coffey on Friday # 130
Ed Cole from Sparta, TN and Eddie Cole on Thursday # 65
Dan Collins from Evansville, IN and David Holmes on Friday # 67
Deslonde Collins from Milan, TN and Harold Thopson on Thursday # 186
Clint Cone from Lexington, KY and Bruce Morgan on Friday # 74
Steve Cones from Evansville, IN and Tom Berkley on Thursday # 94
Craig Conrad from Columbus, OH and James Skinner on Thursday # 144
Brian Cook from Springfield, TN and Calvin Cothron on Friday # 204
Donald Cordle Jr from Hopkinsville, KY and Larry Noel on Thursday # 123
Rick Cothran from Hohenwald, TN and Bobby Simmons on Friday # 214
Steve Cowman from Carterville, IL and Chris Cowan on Friday # 190
Mike Cox from Huntsville, AL and Scott Cox on Thursday # 79
Van Cox from Nixa, MO and Gary Cook on Friday # 27
Michael Cragg from Alto, GA and Chris Fields on Thursday # 100
Terry Cravens from Greenwood, TN and David Cravens on Thursday # 170
Billy J. Crocker from Summerville, SC and James Marksberry on Thursday # 3
John Curtis from Pembroke, KY and DeWayne West on Friday # 172
Micael Daleo from Jeffersonville, IN and Todd Lyons on Friday # 50
Monty Daniel from Luray, TN and Patty Daniel on Thursday # 88
Archie Davis from Sebree, KY and Ron Jenkins on Thursday # 191
Danny Davis from Franklin, TN and Joey Davis on Friday # 157
Grant Davis from Franklin, TN and Ray Dickens on Friday # 25
Jared Davis from New Johnsonville, TN and Kevin Woodside on Thursday # 47
Jim Davis from Knoxville, GA and Dan Fortuna on Thursday # 104
Levi Davis from Talorsville, KY and Ricky Jefferies on Thursday # 220
Meryl Davis from Portage, MI and Jim Christ on Friday # 72
Robert Davis from Lampe, MO and Jerry Meyenburg on Friday # 221
Sam Davis from Elizabethton, TN and Travis Davis on Thursday # 95
Troy Davis from Hurricane Mills, TN and David Young on Thursday # 8
Dan Day from Edgewood, KY and Jim Wagner on Friday # 103
Jeff Defew from Benton, KY and Robert Snow on Friday # 143
Sam DeFrank from Marion, IL and Rick Smith on Thursday # 172
Craig DeGrenier from Covington, GA and Lisa DeGrenier on Thursday # 75
Chuck DeLattre from Coatesville, IN and Charlie Land on Friday # 146
Steven Denny from Nashville, TN and Carlos Denny on Friday # 20
Miller DeRamus from Conover, NC and Jim DeRamus on Thursday # 16
Curtis Dew from Leonardtown, MD and Brian Wood on Friday # 46
Brian Dillard from Bowling Green, KY and Jeff Vance on Friday # 169
Don Dluzak from Bradley, IL and Tom Ziller on Friday # 106
Charles Dowell from Mannsville, OK and Kelly Fletcher on Friday # 8
Jeffrey Drake from Odenville, AL and Vernon Drake on Thursday # 169
Chuck Duckett from Madison, AL and James Carter on Friday # 55
Randall Duncan from Madisonville, KY and Dwight Little on Friday # 131
Ernest Duvall from Clyde, NC and Joe Fish on Thursday # 98
Dennis Edwards from Dayton, OH and Charmain Edwards on Friday # 36
Jonas Edwards from Macclesfield, NC and Thomas Edwards on Thursday # 128
Pat Eichmann from Nancy, KY and Lee Bishop on Friday # 129
Jack Ellliott from Crestview, FL and Michael Jarriel on Friday # 51
Gary Emerson from Mayfield, KY and Jeff Emerson on Thursday # 111
James Evans from Overland Park, KS and Jeff Lewis on Thursday # 74
Mike Falconite from Gilbersville, KY and Shawn Penn on Thursday # 171
Royace Fanning from Rogers, AR and Dianna Fanning on Thursday # 163
Tim Farley from Lula, GA and Dan Farley on Thursday # 107
Jeffry Faust from Trenton, IL and Kirk Weber on Friday # 93
Donald L. Felts from Hendersonville, TN and Matt Felts on Thursday # 11
Chris Ferguson from Staffordsville, KY and Jason Rice on Friday # 168
David Fields from Murray, KY and John Morgan on Friday # 118
Daryle Finley from Iowa City, IA and Matt Finley on Thursday # 164
Paul Finney from Flovilla, GA and Jordan Walker on Friday # 110
James Flanigan from Ft. Mitchell, KY and Duane Plapp on Thursday # 59
Jewell Foster from Evansville, IN and Charles Jennings on Friday # 42
Bill Franklin from Middletown, OH and Kenneth Stevens on Friday # 26
Joe Fraser from Wickliffe, KY and Kyle Fraser on Thursday # 183
Kevin Frey from Benton, KY and Craig Hipsher on Thursday # 71
Whit Gammon from Mt. Juliet, TN and Scotty Webster on Thursday # 70
Gary Gardner from Grand Haven, MI and Ron Scharphorn on Thursday # 132
Mike Garlen from Athens, AL and Morris Sheehan on Friday # 161
Robert Garrison from Columbus, IN and Hazel Garrison on Thursday # 78
Stephen Gibbons from Cleveland, TN and John Miles on Thursday # 115
Richard Gilbert from Claremont, NC and Terry Bolick on Thursday # 146
Matt Gish from Robards, KY and Dale Roberts on Friday # 175
Walter Givler from New Berlin, WI and David Givler on Friday # 135
Mike Gnaster from Soddy Daisy, TN and Lotchia Jones on Friday # 90
Larry Goff from Morrillton, AR and Carolyn Goff on Thursday # 207
Ricky Ray Goins from Wappapello, MO and Thomas McGowan on Friday # 61
Jim Goldman from Wayne City, IL and Chuck Downey on Thursday # 153
Leo Golubski from Pierce City, MO and Michael Golubski on Friday # 79
David Gosper from Palmer, TN and Quentin Kessinger on Friday # 78
Bill Gott from Warsaw, MO and John Boise on Thursday # 137
Patrick Graben from Mt Olive, AL and Stephen Whitaker on Thursday # 50
Marshall Granger from California, KY and Sean Edwards on Friday # 181
James Green from Hendersonville, TN on Friday # 75
Wesley Gregory from Monroe, LA and Jeffrey Kidd on Thursday # 20
Tom Gross from Kingston, TN and Jonathan Bowling on Thursday # 61
Steven Grubb from Lafayette, IN and William Wood on Friday # 83
Edward Guice from Decatur, AL and Jimmy Yarbrough on Thursday # 14
James Gullett from Richmond, KY and Steve Riley on Friday # 59
Tony Hagewood from Clarksville, TN and Jason Hagewood on Friday # 139
Donny Hall from Nashville, TN and David Uskavitch on Friday # 210
Byon Hamlin from Paducah, KY and Terry Ballard on Friday # 156
Doug Hamp from York, PA and Alex Hamp on Thursday # 194
Robert Hand from Clarksville, TN and Robby Hand on Thursday # 179
Michael Haneline from Cumberland Furnace, TN and Larry Haneline on Friday # 219
Darrell Harper from Louisville, KY and Steve Miles on Thursday # 192
Phillip Harris from Union City, TN and Larry Harris on Friday # 123
Rodney Hatfield from Mannington, WV and George Janice on Thursday # 136
Michael Havlik from Tyler, TX and Anthony Coffman on Friday # 18
Steven Hedges from Ballwin, MO and Colby Forke on Thursday # 77
Charles Hemm from Huntsville, AL and Patrick Anderson on Friday # 4
Joey Henderson from Mayfield, KY and Jamie Kinkade on Friday # 203
William (Jackie) Henderson from Pontotoc, MS and Gayle Henderson on Thursday # 1
Randy Henson from Whiteland, IN on Friday # 141
Terry Herdman from Columbus, OH and Charles Harless on Friday # 65
Robert Herman from Linton, IN and Don Clayton on Thursday # 55
David Herr from Chandler, IN and Keith Hollander on Friday # 64
Jerry Hickman, Sr. from Opelika, AL and Elizabeth Hickman on Friday # 117
James Hill from Summerville, SC and Linda Haas on Thursday # 208
Terry Hodge from Camden, TN and Danny Hudson on Thursday # 43
Charlie Hodle from Ossian, IN and Rick Malikowski on Friday # 34
Capt. JoGene Holaway from Naples, FL and Glenn Sellers on Thursday # 6
Michael Holland from Belton, SC and Michael Cox on Thursday # 45
Gary Holmes from Shawneetown, IL and Dennis Wilson on Friday # 119
Mark Holt from Gorham, IL and Ricky Lingle on Thursday # 62
Brad Hope from Chesapeake, VA and Bill McCabe on Friday # 2
Barry Hornback from Jeffersonville, IN and Jason Rigdon on Friday # 223
William Hornsey from Denham Springs, LA and Nancy Hornsey on Friday # 132
Jamie Howard from Alvaton, KY and Jason Long on Friday # 125
John Hubbard from Pegram, TN and Walt Prince on Thursday # 108
David Huff, Jr from Shepherdsville, KY and Ricky O’Bryan on Thursday # 54
Bill Humbard from New Market, TN and Glenn Warren on Thursday # 53
Robert Hunt from Pell City, AL and Jeff Miller on Friday # 211
Roger Hunter from Hopkinsville, KY and Jack Palmer on Thursday # 175
James Hutcheson from Kingston, TN and Matt Entler on Thursday # 211
Felton (Mike) Jackson from Clinton, NC and Dwight Taylor on Friday # 17
Jerry Jackson from Louisville, KY on Thursday # 48
Kevin Jackson from Monett, MO and Bryan Jackson on Thursday # 81
Michael James Jr from Hohenwald, TN and Dennis Johnson on Thursday # 124
Mike James, Sr from Hohenwald, TN and Ricky Spears on Friday # 215
Robert Jarvis from Gerald, MO and Steve Fryer on Friday # 76
Robert Jenkins from Hendersonville, TN and Lyn Jenkins on Friday # 158
William Jenkins from Cynthiana, KY and William Jenkins, Sr. on Friday # 217
David Jessie from Glasgow, KY and John Rutledge on Friday # 180
Barry Johnson from Hudson, NC and Dale Bentley on Friday # 22
David Johnson from Madison, IN and Gerald Evans on Thursday # 37
Bobby Jones from Bowling Green, KY and Greg Brown on Thursday # 30
Derek Jones from Morgantown, KY and David Applegate, Jr on Friday # 193
Henry Jones from Jackson, TN and Michael McFarland on Friday # 37
Tom Jones from Louisville, KY and Troy Johns on Thursday # 69
Marshall Jones, Jr from Lexington, KY and Robert Shouse on Friday # 209
Tom Kappelmann from Manchaza, TX and Nicolas Kappelmann on Thursday # 7
Charles Kasinger from Owensboro, KY and Mike Templeton on Thursday # 87
Mike Kavanaugh from Hendersonville, TN and Richard Hatfield on Friday # 16
James Kemble from Brownsville, KY and Sam VanMeter on Friday # 154
Mark Kirby from Castalian Springs, TN and Brian Oldham on Thursday # 58
Mike Kirby from Lewisburg, KY and Lynn Osborne on Thursday # 125
Richard Kirk from Hollywood, AL and Anne Kirk on Thursday # 103
Anthony Kirkpatrick from Westville, IL and Hubert Wright on Thursday # 109
Robert Kise from Louisa, KY and Keith Blair on Thursday # 76
Ken Kline, Jr from St. Peters, MO and Ryan Brueggeman on Friday # 45
Phil Kneebone from Murray, KY and Gary Crass on Thursday # 221
Harold Knight from Cadiz, KY and Chuck Jones on Friday # 49
Jeff Kuhar from Bridgeport, OH and Larry Janiszewski on Thursday # 180
Ronald Lawrence from Seneca, MO and Carrie Lawrence on Friday # 100
L.V. Ledford from Arley, AL and Greg Neal on Thursday # 68
James Lee from Fancy Farm, KY and Billy Joe Lee on Thursday # 168
Norman Lee from Lake Placid, FL and Kenneth Butler on Friday # 199
Lawrence Leonardi from Clinton TWP, MI and Robert Leonardi on Friday # 224
Paul Lewis from Mechanicsville, VA and Clay Lews on Friday # 43
Dick Littleton from Palmyra, TN and Joe Meacham on Thursday # 129
Terry Littleton from Utica, KY and Bob Moorman on Friday # 187
John Locke from Paducah, KY and David Jones on Thursday # 80
Eric Lohwasser from Farmingdale, NY and Ann Lohwasser on Thursday # 167
Shane Lott from Hendersonville, TN and Billy Neal Lott on Friday # 66
Larry Lovell from Emory, TX and Charlie Hodgson on Thursday # 64
Mark Lovvorn from Wedowee, AL and David Horton on Friday # 62
Bill Lowery from St. Louis, MO and Tom Lowery on Friday # 120
Donald Lutz from Mayfield, KY and Rodger Lutz on Thursday # 218
Scott Lykins from Calvert City, KY and Bill Everly on Friday # 109
Mike MacDowell from Hopkinsville, KY and Mike Hensley on Thursday # 117
Betty Magee from Mendenhall, MS and Wayne Magee on Thursday # 149
Thomas Malone from Crofton, KY and TJ Malone on Thursday # 214
Wade Martineau from Newark, DE and Sherre McNutt on Friday # 88
Travis Maxwell from Horton, AL and Shawn Goldman on Thursday # 5
Barry Mayer from Cox’s Creek, KY and Ed Mayer on Friday # 99
Ray Maynard from Uniontown, OH and Daniel Klein on Thursday # 60
Mickey McCleary from Manchester, MD and Gerald Brooks on Friday # 80
David McCormick from Lee’s Summit, MO and Luke Payne on Thursday # 102
Steven McCoy from Lake City, FL and Esther McCoy on Friday # 11
Randall McQuady from Barlow, KY and Herbie Booher on Thursday # 73
Jason Meadows from White Bluff, TN and Mike Hardin on Friday # 173
Wayne Meadows from Ashland City, TN and Danny Baggett on Thursday # 40
Ed Meixner from Ferguson, MO and Ed Lammert on Thursday # 156
Kenneth Merrill from Goodlettsville, TN and Richard Uselton on Thursday # 82
Richard Meuth from Henderson, KY and Dickie Johnson on Friday # 84
Herbert Middlebrooks from Bryant, AL and Ben Boulware on Friday # 54
Darrin Miller from Benton, KY and Jerry Brown on Friday # 216
Julian Miller from Benton, KY and Chuck Rounds on Friday # 167
William Miller from Afton, VA and Jim Barbour on Thursday # 162
Derrick Millirons from Seak, AL Thursday # 72
Philip Monger from Elkton, VA and Josh Monger on Thursday # 139
Scott Moore from Water Valley, KY and Karl Cassens on Friday # 178
Charles Morehead from Paducah, KY and James Wilkinson on Friday # 188
Jay Morgan from Louisville, KY and Steven Early on Friday # 179
Barry Morris from Madison, TN and Rick Corney on Friday # 162
Donald L. Morris from Macclesfield, NC and Bobby Clark on Thursday # 86
Doug Morrison from Toronto, ONT and Brian Morrison on Friday # 15
Charles Mossburg from Fayetteville, GA and Danny Smith on Friday # 87
Terry Mowell from Hendersonville, TN and Andy Bradley on Thursday # 131
Dave Munari from Mooresville, NC and Mark Mquion on Friday # 137
Todd Muncy from Francisco, IN and Jeff Wickham on Friday # 92
Jason Murphy from Hendersonville, NC and Mike Simmons on Thursday # 41
Darden Nelms from Nashville, TN and Tricia Nelms on Thursday # 15
Darryl Nelson from Rickman, TN and Charles Davis on Friday # 170
Dwayne Nesmith from Island, KY and Brian Thomas on Thursday # 157
Thomas Noble from Odon, IN and Gordon Brinegar on Thursday # 110
Joe Noel from Cadiz, KY and Danny Reddick on Thursday # 212
Nate Norrenbrock from Fisherville, KY and Jerry Cole on Thursday # 174
Larry Odom from Erin, TN and Ernest Carpenter on Thursday # 101
Maurice Oelker from Bowling Green, KY and Carl Oelker on Thursday # 29
Jeff Oliver from Mayfield, KY and Jeffrey Oliver, Jr. on Friday # 112
Gene Owens from Dublin, VA and Mary Owens on Thursday # 9
Walter Owens from Elizabethtown, KY and Jeff Evans on Friday # 101
Bill Pahlmann from Sullivan, MO and Mark Smith on Friday # 165
Dave Panno from Lutz, FL and Jim Elliott on Thursday # 151
Gary Paul from Cape Coral, FL and Linda Paul on Thursday # 25
William Payne from Calhoun, GA and Vance Hunsucker on Friday # 116
Ricky Peace from Polkville, NC and Charles Foster on Thursday # 197
James Peacock from Goreville, IL and Jeffrey Kasten on Friday # 113
H.T. Pearsall from Brownsboro, AL and Dack Dearsall on Thursday # 106
Steve Pearson from Reynoldsburg, OH and Russ Grubb on Friday # 212
Richard Pennington from Pleasant City, OH and Robert Urdak on Thursday # 52
WD Perry from Crane Hill, AL and Gurnie Ghrigsby on Thursday # 193
Larry Peters from Richmond, KY and Darrell Pigg on Friday # 133
Kenny Phelps from Hendersonville, TN and Corlett Jaggers on Friday # 150
Johnny Pickett from Cleveland, TN and Alvin Howard on Friday # 85
Steve Pierce from Opp, AL and Nathan Reeves on Friday # 201
William Pioch from Beckley, WV and Tim Boothe on Thursday # 204
David Pitts from Nashville, TN and Ronda Pitts on Friday # 95
Armand Plante from Sambornville, NH and Richard Plante on Thursday # 196
Jerry Pliett from Fort Wayne, IN and Albert Pliett on Friday # 102
Jerry Plunkett from Lebanon, OH and D Lamar Keiser on Thursday # 213
Ty Poe from Bowling Green, KY and Steve Marr on Thursday # 143
Denny Pogue from Farminton, MO and Mary Guitar on Friday # 122
Rick Porter from Collierville, TN and Paul Riddick on Thursday # 127
William Posey from Robbinsville, NC and Paul Long on Thursday # 178
Stephen Profumo from Louisville, KY and Doug O’Meary on Thursday # 189
David Prosser from Franklin, TN and Michael Fletcher on Thursday # 142
Ty Prvett from Amarillo, TX and Kelly Smith on Friday # 128
Gary Pulliam from Louisville, KY and Gerald Kyser on Thursday # 219
Ed Rachford from Sellersburg, IN and Monte Morrison on Friday # 21
Doug Ramsey from Somerset, KY and Jeff Absher on Friday # 164
Ron Reeder from Murphysboro, IL and Kolbi Reeder on Thursday # 118
Steven Reid from Franklin, KY and John Bray on Friday # 86
Mike Renfro from Greenfield, IN and Ron Gerard on Friday # 29
Jason Reyes from Humble, TX and Larry Frasier on Thursday # 145
Joe Richard from Hopkinsville, KY and Morris Lynn on Thursday # 184
Larry Richard from Perkinston, MS and Travis Richard on Thursday # 23
Michael Richardson from LaVergne, TN and J Earl Deal on Thursday # 182
Don Rickett from Fortson, GA on Friday # 160
Brad Riggs from Alvaton, KY and Danny Lowe on Thursday # 222
Rankin Ring Jr from Wytheville, VA and Michael Davidson on Thursday # 26
Michael Roe from Lexington, KY and Phil Robinson on Friday # 225
Kevin Scott Rowland from Flat Gap, KY and Roger Fairchild on Friday # 140
Brian Runyon from McArthur, OH and Bob Brisker on Friday # 52
Jeffrey Rush from Greenwood, IN and Tom Short on Thursday # 83
Robby Sacora from Moncks Corner, SC and Ronald Brown on Friday # 144
Jack Sage from Ionia, MI and Jack Sage on Thursday # 209
Jason Sain from Hermitage, TN and David Gnewikow on Thursday # 63
Eric Sanders from Lexington, KY and Eli Farmer on Friday # 195
Eric Sanders from Old Hickory, TN and Greg Yandell on Friday # 77
Greg Sanders from Jackson, TN and Tony Callis on Friday # 174
James Sanders from Easley, SC and Charlie Hale on Thursday # 92
Bennett Sapp from Longview, TX and David Bailey on Friday # 202
Emmanuel Sapp from Cusseta, AL and Robert Bell on Thursday # 160
Gary Savage from Hendersonville, TN and Brian O’Guin on Thursday # 36
Derek Sharp from Lewisburg, KY and Joseph Jenkins on Friday # 53
Gary Sheffer from Morganfield, KY and Mike McAtee on Thursday # 216
Blaine Shelton from Moulton, AL and Jimmy Mason on Friday # 14
William Shepard from Astor, FL and Alan Shepard on Thursday # 154
Nick Short from Nebo, KY and Randy Workman on Friday # 63
David Shreve from Knoxville, TN and Jason Walden on Friday # 126
Steven Sigman from Indianapolis, IN and Bill Perry on Friday # 97
Kevin Sims from Bowling Green, KY and Phillip Barnett on Friday # 222
Mike Sims from Paducah, KY and Mike Hovecamp on Thursday # 90
Gary Singlton from Dickson, TN and Larry Franklin on Friday # 94
Skip Sjobeck from Randolph Ctr, VT and Charles Sjobeck, Jr. on Thursday # 10
Curtis Skelton from Elberfeld, IN and Janet Skelton on Thursday # 173
Thomas Skinner from Gallipolis, OH and Mark Vrbas on Friday # 213
Everett Smeltzer from Wrightsville, PA and Fred Iantorno on Thursday # 148
Jason Smith from Leesburg, GA and Ben Daniel on Thursday # 120
Lee Smith from Columbus, IN and Kim Smith on Friday # 71
Ron Smith from Louisville, TN and Jason Pride on Friday # 33
Ron C. Smith from Flor, KY and JoAnn Smith on Thursday # 89
Shannon Smith from Thelma, KY and Roger Fannin on Friday # 206
Timmy Smith from Petail, MS and Rocky Powell on Friday # 207
William Smith from Evansville, IN and Houston Rolly on Friday # 111
Duane Snyder from Madisonville, KY and Ray Barga on Thursday # 159
Lee Sparks from Hernando, MS and Deon Smith on Friday # 9
Ricky Spears from Hohenwald, TN and Mike James Sr on Thursday # 33
Clifford Spease from Barnett, MO and Travis Smith on Friday # 136
Tim Sprouse from Clarksville, TN and Greg Mitchell on Friday # 192
James Stephens from LaGrange, KY and Phifer Stephens on Thursday # 152
Jeffrey Stevens from Tere Haute, IN and Doug Brucken on Friday # 155
David Stewart from Cedar Park, TX and Raymond Hagan, Jr on Friday # 38
Rusty Stickland from Athens, AL and Russell Strickland on Friday # 3
Jay Storey from Wichita, KS and jodan Storey on Thursday # 166
Doug Story from Stewart, TN and Ramie Colson on Thursday # 13
Jim Story from TN Ridge, TN and John Hunt on Friday # 152
Jerry Strain from Old Hickory, TN and Stuart Fraser on Thursday # 27
Mike Stubbs from Nashville, TN and Jason Pernell on Thursday # 4
Tim Stumbo from Grayson, KY and Timothy Stumbo on Thursday # 49
Randall Stutts from Kingston Springs, TN and Steve Kotlarsz on Friday # 32
Michael Sumrall from Friendsville, TN and Ashton Sumrall on Thursday # 31
Walter Swafford from Winter Garden, FL and Kevin Hall on Friday # 6
Carl Sweatman from Holly Hill, SC and Ronnie Infinger on Thursday # 138
Danny Sweeney from Ashland City, TN and Ronnie Mimms on Friday # 163
John Sweigart from New Castle, IN and Steve Jones on Friday # 104
David Talbert from Clemmons, NC and Bobby Talbert on Thursday # 2
Elmer Taylor from Etowah, TN and Huel Boles on Friday # 114
James Taylor from Little Rock, AR and Bob Robins on Friday # 48
Richard Taylor from Newark, OH and Robert Hill on Friday # 105
Dwight Terwilliger from Ashland City, TN and Calvin Bell, Jr on Friday # 196
John Thoman from Louisville, KY and Ed Peters on Thursday # 42
Jack Thomas from Highland Village, TX and Jason Thomas on Friday # 47
Pete Thomasson from Paducah, KY and Randy Thomas on Friday # 166
Billy Thompson from Prattville, AL and Douglas Thompson on Thursday # 39
Jason Thompson from New Johnsonville, TN and Sam Lashlee on Friday # 58
Terry Thor from Kokomo, IN and Rodney Tidwell on Friday # 134
Michael Thornton from Clarksville, TN and Chris Browning on Thursday # 67
Joe Thorpe from Leitchfield, KY and Lee Fowler on Friday # 1
William Thurby from Henderson, KY and Jeff McCarnan on Thursday # 32
Gary Tipps from Piqua, OH and Vicki Tipps on Friday # 89
Robert Tribble from Cumming, GA and Danny Tinsley on Thursday # 18
Ronald Trimmer from Hodgenville, KY and Carl Pope on Friday # 30
Dearl Turner from Berea, KY and Patrick Wells on Friday # 153
Wayne Turner from Gallatin, TN and Cheryl Turner on Thursday # 99
Scott Twiggs from Flowery Branch, GA and Jason Poore on Thursday # 133
Steve Vann from Goldsboro, NC and Matt Oleson on Friday # 142
Jim Veracco from Nashua, NH and Joe Veracco on Thursday # 199
Owen Vincent, Jr. from Smiths Grove, KY and Vickie Vincent on Friday # 218
Bobby Wade from Sedalia, KY and Keith Fain on Thursday # 187
James Wade from White House, TN and Tandy Tomlin on Thursday # 140
Mike Waldrop from Bowling Green, KY and Mark Manley on Thursday # 84
John Wallace from Benton, KY and Tim Sweeney on Friday # 191
Eric Walls from DeSoto, MO and James Kitson on Thursday # 134
David Weatherford from Buchanan, TN and Tim Griggs on Friday # 108
Jeff Weaver from Cordova, TN and Stan Weaver on Thursday # 35
Brent Webb from Bowling Green, KY and Bob Steen on Thursday # 135
Leonard Webb from Mayfield, KY and Jamie Morganti on Friday # 107
Joel Wells from London, KY and Robert Irvin on Thursday # 141
John Wells from Nashville, TN and Mark Lawrence on Thursday # 210
Bobby West from Sebring, FL and Raul Martinez on Friday # 10
Ron Wheaton from Chapel Hill, TN and Kirk Lafferty on Friday # 81
Danny White from Harrodsburg, KY and John Dacci on Thursday # 147
Howard White from Fenwick, MI and Lonnie Finch on Friday # 7
Robert Whited from Alpine, TN and Benny McBride on Thursday # 91
Aaron Whitford from Lusby, MD and Andy Whitford on Friday # 60
DeWayne Whitledge from Dixon, KY and Andy Hodges on Thursday # 177
David Widman from Mt. Washington, KY and Daniel Fischer on Thursday # 130
Donnie Williams from Paris, TN and Tom Ellis on Friday # 182
Jerry Williams from Hoschton, GA and James Johnston on Thursday # 21
Rick Williams from West Monroe, LA and Michael E. Ellis on Thursday # 19
Scott Williams from White Bluff, TN and Craig Odom on Friday # 189
Stanley Williams from Astor, FL and Terry Mullis on Friday # 12
David Willis from Phenix City, AL and Charles Willis on Friday # 197
Bob Wilson from St. Louis, MO and Rob Rixford on Friday # 147
Gary Wilson from Mayfield, KY and Trent Wilson on Friday # 176
Edward Wilson Jr from St. Charles, MO and Jeff Beach on Friday # 57
Phil Wilzbacher from Fort Branch, IN and Steve Schmitt on Thursday # 112
Mike Winchester from Bryson City, NC and Larry Winchester on Friday # 159
James Winner, Jr. from Smyrna, TN and Steve Merritt on Friday # 184
Trenton Withrow from Norveu, MI and Marc Snyder on Friday # 68
Dennis Womack from Goodlettsville, TN and Don Collins on Thursday # 97
Johnny Wood from Waxahachie, TX on Friday # 185
William Wooldridge from Springfield, IL and Rita Dunham on Thursday # 181
Joy Worthington from Lavergne, TN and Henry Antle on Friday # 194
Pete Wright from Cartersville, GA and Tony Priest on Thursday # 96
Henry Wutzke II from Sodus, MI and Henry Charles Wutzke on Friday # 69
Henry Ray Yamnitz, Jr from Jackson, MO and Henry Yamnitz on Friday # 148
Jay Yandell from Herrin, IL and Larry Campbell, Jr on Thursday # 57
Secret York from Benton, KY and Kent York on Thursday # 119
J.B. Young from Deer Park, TX and Maria Drew on Thursday # 12
Bubber Youngblood from Sunset Beach, NC and Ken Glass on Thursday # 203
Douglas True from Centerville, TN and Charles Mitchell on Thursday # 217

Participant list subject to change, pending continued confirmations of boat registration and liability insurance.