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Triton Gold Awards Triton 205 Multi-Species

Posted: 1/9/2004

Triton Boat owner and walleye angler John Bergsma (Walker, MI) captured the largest prize of the Triton Gold program to date. He won a new $30,000 Triton 205DC multi-species boat and trailer for his highest placing finish in the 2003 Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) Angler of the Year race. Bergsma, who has owned a new Triton everyyear since 1998, had this to say about his boat, "After 14 years of fishing on the PWT and running virtually every other brand of multi-species boat I can confidently say that I have never fished from a boat with a more perfect combination of dry/smooth ride and fishability than my Triton 205." John is definitely a recognized name in the ranks of competitive walleye fishing, as he won the PWT Championship in 1992. John actually lead the 2003 PWT Angler of the Year race for a good part of the season, before settling in 7th place. Bergsma, who away from fishing owns a professional cleaning business, said this about Triton Gold, "Even though I have fished the PWT for several years, I feel the greatest perk of Triton Gold is that a Triton owner can win big money by participating in as many events as he desires. He doesn't have to spend thousands committing to an entire trail or tour, he can simply fish at his own pace and still cash in big."

With nearly 2000 sanctioned events and potentially two million dollars up for grabs Triton Gold is one of the most lucrative owner's bonus programs in existence.