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Triton Walleye Pro Meidinger is Hero

Posted: 7/21/2003

Rescues two fellow Professional Walleye Trail competitors from a capsized boat with his Triton 205

Triton Boats walleye pro Sheldon Meidinger of Bismarck, ND was competing in a Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) event on Lake Erie recently, where he didn't win any cash, but he won the accolades of his peers, news media and the local population in Dunkirk, NY. He and his amateur partner Karl Ludeks were fishing the final day of the July 9-11 PWT event, when the weather took a dramatic turn. As a result of a fast-moving storm PWT officials called the final day of the competition, but not before Sheldon found himself in the middle of the storm and waves topping 15-feet. He and his partner were cautiously making their way to shore wondering if they'd make it back alive, when they came up on an over-turned boat with fellow PWT anglers Dwight Niemi and John Collopy who were clinging on for life. The only two boats un-accounted for at the dock were these two boats, but it was the groups courage, determination and Sheldon's Triton 205 that got them back safely to shore. For an advanced article on this amazing event, please click on the attached link to a story posted by Tony Spilde from Sheldon's home-town newspaper/website the Bismarck Tribune.