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Triton Boats Recognized for Lifesaving Innovation

Posted: 6/27/2003


Nashville, TN - In a major step forward for angler safety, Triton Boats, maker of the popular Tournament Bass Boat, has introduced a newly designed re-boarding ladder in its 2004 product line [X Series, Tr-196, Tr-186]. In recognition for the implications of this new design the National Safe Boating Council presented a special award in ceremonies held in Nashville.
The newly designed ladder, which is hidden from view until the angler releases a lock enabling the ladder to telescope from the stern, is compatible with the sleekest of bass boat designs. The importance of this innovation is the availability of an angler who has fallen overboard to re-board the boat with no outside assistance.
“It is a common incidence for an angler to fall overboard. But even when wearing a lifejacket that keeps one afloat it is important to climb back aboard as soon a possible. Without assistance it is a difficult task. Depending on the water temperature and the capabilities of the angler, a simple fall into the water can become fatal”, said Virgil Chambers Executive Director of the National Safe Boating Council.
In accepting the NSBC Special Life Saving Award for Innovation, Earl Bentz, President of Triton Boats said, “We manufacture boats for the serious Bass fishing tournament professional as well as the weekend angler. We have always considered comfort, style, performance and safety. This ladder is just a continuation of that commitment to our consumer. We also believe this feature will give our Bass Boats greater flexible to be used as a family craft for in-water sports like swimming, water skiing and diving.”
According to United States Coast Guard statistics, approximately 700 people die each year in boating accidents. Over half of these involve anglers who unexpectedly end up in the water. “Often it is difficult to reboard the craft from deep water with wet clothes, especially if the water is cold. Even when wearing a life jacket, cold water can prove to be fatal if a person does not get out quickly. This ‘always ready’ ladder should save lives due to its accessibility, and ease of use,” said Chambers. “Triton Boats will save the lives of anglers through use of this product.”
Triton President Bentz acknowledged the contribution and encouragement given toward production of this new design to Ray Scott, Founder of BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society). Mr. Scott, a member of the National Safe Boating Council Hall of Fame, has been credited with a number of boating safety innovations, including the engine cut-off switch. He is also credited with requiring participants in BASS tournaments to wear life jackets, setting a favorable example to anglers world wide. Mr. Scott joined Virgil Chambers and National Safe Boating Council Vice Chairman Ed Carter, Boating Law Administrator for the state of Tennessee, in presenting the award.
The National Safe Boating Council is a national non-profit organization. The Council presently has a membership of over 300 U.S. and Canadian organizations, all with an interest in boating safety and education. The Council’s mission is to enhance the recreational boating experience through education and outreach.

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