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Triton Hits Coastal Fishing, Big Time

Posted: 3/28/2003

Ashland City, TN (3-28-03) There is a new game in town for the growing redfishing market...The Redfish Cup. The Redfish Cup is the latest creation in made-for-television redfishing and is brought to you by the same people who bring you BASSMASTERS Television on ESPN...JM Associates.

The Redfish Cup will begin in June with a four-tournament series of events that will award more than $250,000 to the best redfish anglers in the world. Triton Boats will be the exclusive boat sponsor of the new Redfish Cup. As a matter of fact, on the last competition day of each event the final five teams will fish from identically rigged Triton LTS (Light Tackle Series) Boats and will be paired with a camera crew.

The Redfish Cup circuit will travel the seaboards looking for the best redfish angling teams in the country. Their search will carry them from the marshes of Louisiana to the Mangrove islands of Florida and the sand flats of Texas, while the viewers of ESPN will get to watch it all.

"It's kind of interesting watching the Redfish Cup take form," said Jerry McKinnis, president of JM Associates. "It all seems so familiar. We had the same kind of meetings with the FLW Tour and BASSMASTERS and look how they've thrived. Because of those things, I have to believe we are not only getting ready to take redfishing to a new level, but we are taking competitive angling to a
whole new stratosphere."

Triton Boats is ecstatic about being involved with this new concept in its
beginning stages. We are confident that our partnership with the Redfish
Cup and JM Associates will quickly position Triton LTS (coastal fishing
boats) among the category leaders.

For more information check-out their web site at:, or
click on their hot link from the Triton Boats home page