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New 1650SS: The Ultimate Panfishing Boat

Posted: 3/14/2002

Panfishermen have special needs in a fishing boat. The hull should be built tough to withstand the hard knocks of shallow stumps and rocks. It should have a low, wind-resistant profile for more accurate presentations to submerged cover on blustery days. It should be capable of maintaining both live bait and caught fish in tip-top shape. Seating should be designed to accommodate both seniors and kids, without mile-high casting decks. And most of all, it must be sensibly priced.

That’s a tall order to fill, but Triton has done it with their new 1650 SS. Anglers everywhere are calling it the ultimate panfishing boat.

The new 1650 SS is a stick-steer boat measuring 16 feet in length with a 74-inch beam. It has a wide 50-inch bottom for maximum stability and a side depth of 21 inches. The boat rates for outboards to 40 horsepower, but will perform with smaller engines as well. It’s crafted of .100-gauge 5052 aluminum for extreme durability and impact resistance. It features all-welded construction -- unlike many competing panfishing boats, this Triton has no rivets that can eventually loosen and leak. And while competing models often have wood in strategic areas such as the transom and floor, there is absolutely no wood in the 1650 SS. Transom and floor are reinforced with aluminum, and there’s a foam flotation core in the floor for increased sound-deadening.

The interior layout of Triton’s 1650 SS makes it perfect for the serious crappie angler, small-water bass hunter and weekend fishermen just out for a day of fun. The stick-steer configuration places the driver near the bow for maximum visibility while traversing shallow, brushy areas. Stick steering is easy and fun -- with the right hand operating the throttle, the left hand determines the direction of the boat with a stick device. Then once the driver has reached his fishing destination, he can immediately start casting, since he’s already seated at the bow where the standard MotorGuide foot-control trolling motor is positioned for action. The stick control also makes it super-easy to guide the boat onto the 1650’s tubular-frame trailer once the fishing day is done. And because there’s no driver’s console to eat up precious interior space, there’s much more room for tackle, gear and people than in a conventional 16-foot boat.

Maximum convenience has been designed into the 1650 SS. Bow and stern fishermen sit on swivel seats mounted on boxes that double as storage compartments. There’s a large aerated livewell in the center with a minnow bucket insert, instantly accessible to both fishing partners from their seated positions. The livewell lid is upholstered and doubles as a seat for additional fishermen (the 1650 SS carries a Coast Guard capacity rating of 5 persons/1100 pounds). There’s even a cutout in the bow that accepts a standard 24-quart cooler! The boat also comes standard with two rod storage lockers, bow storage, built-in tackle tray system, Lowrance X-29 fish finder, special urethane paint and more.

All-day fishing comfort is maximized in the 1650 SS. Many competing panfishing models have a V-shaped floor toward the bow that places the feet of the angler/driver, and the trolling motor foot control, at an awkward angle. But the floor of the 1650 SS ahead of the bow seat is flat and raised slightly for enhanced legroom and easier trolling motor operation.

There’s big news on the bottom of the 1650 SS as well. Six 1.25-inch bottom strakes provide structural integrity and enhanced stability when turning. There’s a separate impact-absorbing aluminum center keel -- most other aluminum boat brands use a “crimped” keel that actually weakens the hull. And the 1650’s hull has substantially more V toward the bow than competing models, giving the driver a much smoother ride in choppy water. In addition, a modified bottom specially designed for use with jet outboards can be specified if desired. Incidentally, a jet-powered 1650 SS is the ultimate shallow-runner, perfect for rivers, tailraces and other hard-to-reach fishing areas where lunker bass, stripers and trout remain unpressured by hordes of fishermen.

Triton aluminum boats are built by Summit Boats of Aberdeen, Miss. in a state-of-the-art, 92,000 square foot manufacturing complex. The Aberdeen area is famous for its aluminum boat production, and the Summit workforce is comprised of over 250 of the most experienced and highly-skilled aluminum boatbuilders in the country. They’re sold exclusively through authorized Triton dealers nationwide. The corporate office of Triton Boats is located in Ashland City, Tenn. For additional information on Triton aluminum boats, visit the Triton website ( or call Triton at 1-888-8TRITON.