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New TR-22 From Triton: Big, Bad, and Beautiful

Posted: 3/14/2002

Professional bass anglers, guides and serious amateurs who frequent big, rough lakes need a boat that's roomy, quick and capable of handling plenty of rough water. And now, Triton Boats announces the perfect big-water bass boat: the new TR-22. This serious fishing machine is big, bad and beautiful in every respect.

Big? The new TR-22 spans a full 22' at the centerline, with a 94" beam. These magnum dimensions contribute to its inclredibly smooth, dry ride in rough water, and allow a level of interiour room and comfort unmatched by any other bass boat. Storage capacity is unsurpassed, with two rod boxes that can accommodate rods to 9-1/2' in length, plus four giant dry storage boxes. The decks are roomy enough for ballroom dancing: the front casting platform measures an incredible 92" long and 70" wide; the rear deck spans 51" long by 74" wide! The TR-22 also features Triton's patented Pro Active Lure System (P.A.L.S.), a handy modular tacklebox insert, at both front and rear for fingertip convenience when changing lures.

Bad? Wait'll you put the hammer down on a TR-22! Most big bass boats are "lead sleds", but not this one. It's rated for outboards all the way to 300hp, and performs great with a 225. Hole shot is instantaneous, planeoff is fast and top-end speed nothing short of awesome. Handling is equally impressive; in fact, the TR-22 is easier to drive and turns more precisely than many smaller boats, thanks to Triton's proven Vortex hull and standard Sea Pro hydraulic steering. But then, you'd expect a Triton boat to perform great, seeing as how Triton's founder and president is legendary world-champion boat racer Earl Bentz.

Beautiful? That's the TR-22, through and through! It has the sleek, fluid lines of an exotic European sports car, coupled with an ergonomically-designed interior that anticipates the serious fisherman's every need. But the real beauty of this extraordinary new tournament boat lies beneath its gleaming exterior. Like all Triton models, the TR-22 features 100% wood-free composite construction, Triton's famous Zero-Flex all-fiberglass stringer system, foam flotation exceeding U.S. Coast Guard standards and a lifetime structural warranty.

The TR-22 sports an unbelievable array of standard features of special interest to tournament fishermen, including a totally new dash panel with enhanced gauge visibility and easy-access switch panels, deluxe seating with dual passenger had-holds for rough-water security, 56-gal fuel tank with remote oil fill, large-volume bilge/battery area with ample room for up to four batteries, CSI Three-Bank on board battery charger, built-in ice chest and more.

For serious bass fishing on big, rough bodies of water, no other boat comes close to Triton's new TR-22.