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UPDATE: Triton Boat Owners' Tournament

Posted: 3/14/2002

1) Is there a Triton Boats Owners' Tournament?

YES, there will be a tournament.

2) Who is having the tournament?

Hendersonville Marine is the clearing-house for entries and is coordinating support for the tournament from Triton and other Triton Boats dealers.

3) When and Where?

March 11, 2000, on Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TN.

4) What is Triton Boats' role in the event?

Triton will host the pre-tournament meeting at the Triton factory with a bar-b-que buffet and give plant tours to the participants. There will also be prizes and bonus monies given by Triton for the contestants.

5) Does Triton own this tournament?

Triton has committed all its resources (financial and manpower) to designing, building, and backing the finest fishing boats available. Our success in this is being gauged everyday by the phenomenal response we have had from anglers everywhere. We know it takes a total commitment to any endeavor in order to be successful and it shows in our product and the level of customer satisfaction we have achieved. It is inevitable that someone will be unhappy about some aspect of any given tournament and rather than alienate a single customer with our ownership, we choose to let those do it that know how to best. We are honored that a group of devoted Triton owners, Hendersonville Marine and some other Triton dealers are willing to sacrifice the enormous amount of time, effort and money to make this possible. We are committed in helping them (as we are with many tournaments) make this a successful event, but "no", we do not own this tournament.

5) What other tournaments does Triton Boats help sponsor?

As for our participation in tournaments, we sponsor several carefully chosen tournaments and trails for all anglers to compete in with financial support, product, and bonus money for Triton Boat owners. We will be glad to share a list of those tournaments with you if you care to e-mail Linda Matta.

6) Where can I find additional information on the tournament?

Visit Hendersonville Marine's website or call Crystal Turner at 615/824-0037 or Crystal's e-mail.